How We Help Homeowners

We Are SF Bay Area Residential Buyers

Whether your home is absolutely destroyed or is a glittering gem, we, or someone in our team can help you with your property.
It doesn't matter if you want to sell your property now or want top dollar. We have strategies for practically every homeowner need.

We Buy Multi-Family Commercial Property

We buy multi-family commercial property in select markets across the U.S. We are strict on our numbers because there is no room for error. If you are looking for good buyers, we are those buyers. If you are looking for retail buyers to sell to at market value, we are not your buyers. We work with repeat agents and brokers who work hard to continually help find us good numbers.

Agent Relations

Our agents are our number one source of inventory, and we most certainly appreciate their hard work and effort. Our commitment to our agents is that any property we purchase from them, they will also help us with the back end dispositions.
We also are not cheap-We pay FULL commissions and sometimes more for grand slams! After all, don't you think you deserve it?

Investor Relations

Whether you're looking for new inventory or interested in teaming up with us to help fund one of our own that you can sit back and get paid without doing any work, we are happy to say that we are very creative in our transaction structure.
We will do whatever it takes to get the project completed and keep everyone healthy and happy while producing safe, secured returns.

Too Many Days on Market to Sell?

Tired of that property costing you cash every month while waiting for the right buyer to come along? We are your buyers.

Problem Tenants / Bad Property Mgmt.

Lost control of your property, and property management not helping you out? Let us use our legal teams to help you regain control of your property.

You Owe More than Your House Is Worth

Has your property turned into a liability, gone underwater, and not sure what to do next? Short sales are our specialty. Let us help you turn your property back into an asset for you.

Out of Control Renovation / Over Budget

Has your project given you one too many surprises? Let us take a look at the property and make a collaborative offer.

Financial Hardship / Lack of Funds to Move

Want to sell, but don't know how or where to go? You are not alone as this is common. Let us help you relocate, move out, and relive you of that financial hardship at no cost.

Tax / Title Issues

Are collections or complications of a sale keeping you up at night? We are used to these types of out-of-the-box transactions.


Tired of local area traffic and need to move to that private island? Give us a call and let us show you how we can help.

Health Issues

Need to liquidate to cover unexpected living expenses? Let us help with your relocation and property needs.

Issued a Notice of Default / Trustee Sale

Are you in a time sensitive challenge and need help making a decision? Email, call or PM us on social media for a NO OBLIGATION, FREE consultation. THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES TO FORECLOSURE.

Probate / Inheritance

Lost a loved one and don't know what to do with the inherited property? We will work on your timeline to purchase, if need be.

Structural / Design Issues

Do you need to sell due to unforeseen structural or design challenges? Let us take a look at the property and make a fair offer.

Job Relocation

Need to sell your property because your business is re-locating you to another job site? We can help.


Need to liquidate an asset quickly? Let us put our efficient closing teams in place to help you get out of potentially disasterous financial draw downs.

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