Liberty Property Group is a residential redevelopment and commercial multi-family acquisition firm. Our primary objectives are to aid property owners with their property challenges and situations while supporting communities by raising equity values and standards of living.


We buy residential property in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area markets for development. We buy commercial multi-family property in select markets nationwide to stabilize and hold. 


We are real estate buyers/developers, students, U.S. military veterans and have pursued real estate for many reasons, but the journey with this company mainly has been one of protecting homeowners financially. ​This is due to the high level of understanding that we have for homeowners who are in trouble since some of us were in trouble long ago due to real estate fraud which led to the creation of this firm. We have been in business since 2010. What this means is that you are not working with weekend warriors or hobbyists looking to make a quick payday. We are serious about this business and do not play games with the lives of homeowners that come to us for help. See for yourself with our Yelp reviews.


It is also not just us you are working with when you decide to move forward. We have resources to many teams to help solve almost any homeowner situation that we work with. Our teams can be immediately employed to help you with your real estate challenges. When you work with us, you are working with everyone we coordinate with to help real estate transactions close. We are extremely careful of who we choose to work with because our reputation is the most important thing to our company.

Our Mission Statement: End U.S. Veteran Homelessness.

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